Top 8 Web designing Softwares 2010

Web design programs are computer programs used in creating, editing and updating websites and web pages. These programs make it easier for designers to work with site and page elements through graphical user interfaces to display desired results. Several web design programs are rated to be among the top 10 in 2010.

One of the most popular web design programs is Adobe Dreamweaver, a commercial program. It is an application used in web development and a creation of Allaire Systems. Windows and Mac are the two operating systems that use Dreamweaver.
Adobe Photoshop is another highly recommended program for website designers. It is effectively used in designing website layouts and is great for exporting and optimizing images in the jpeg or gif format. Some of the great features in Adobe Photoshop are great textures, cool effects, text effects among others.
Adobe flash is the third top web design programs. It is the best when it comes to website animation and is widely popular and on demand.
Designers find Adobe Creative Suite 3 to be the best in web and graphic design since it has most of the software the designer needs for web development and design.
5. COFFEE CUP 2006
CoffeeCup 2006 is a perfect choice when it comes to small business and everyday home users of web design programs. It is easy to learn and is perfect for creating effective but simple websites.
Adobe Illustrator CS3 can be used to design practically any type of artwork. It has type controls, color tools and drawing tools that help the user create and try out new ideas. Its user-friendly options save time on project creation and improve work output and performance.
Ultra Edit is the best text, HEX and HTML editor and is suitable for text editing in general, web designers, programmers, email, binary editing and other editing needs.
Web Studio is a web design program that is easy to use and lets its users produce within a short time web pages that appear professionally done.
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