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Over the past 3 months, the darling of the media has been Foursquare, Gowalla and other location based applications which allow you to check-in to a location to tell your friends where you are. Twitter also introduced Tweet your location feature that comes with Google Maps integration allowing you to tweet your current location. These technologies can be useful for a variety of reasons and businesses have started to analyze how they can utilize these technologies to communicate and track their customers. However, there is another angle to real time location that hasn’t got the attention that it deserves.

Sency Search engine

Sency Searching

Real time search was a major topic last year as a way for users to search what’s going on. These searches can provide a look into the public consciousness for users to see what people are saying about any given topic. When these search tools our combined with real time location, they can have added potential and significance.

Real time search engine Sency launched in September 2009 with a mission to bring the real time web to internet users in a simple way. The site allows you to search the real time web to discover what people are saying as well as which links are being shared. Recently, Sency moved its technology to several major cities to allow the user to see what people are talking about in a given city. The initiative allows you to see what’s being said right now in London, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta as well as 10 other major US cities. The goal is to perfect the user experience on these cities and then move it to other major cities across the world. In addition to showing you what’s being said in these major cities – Sency is able to show you were people are at right now in a given city which can clue you into hot places or events going on right now.

Today, is a new day on the web. Yesterday’s web was about archiving and ranking the best websites which offered useful information. But with the advent of social networking, the web is alive, and real time search engines and location based services will be merged to offer an entire new type of user experience.

Written by Evan Britton, founder of Sency.

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