Black Friday Target marketing and hot deals

Black Friday is still a couple days a way but some retailers have been posting deals since Monday. kicked off its Black Friday deals this week to get a jump on its competitors. Amazon is not the only online retailer starting early. Most online retailers aren’t waiting around for Cyber Monday this year. Many online retailers are launching online deals on Black Friday and running them through Cyber Monday, from 11-27-09 to 11-30-09. You can find over 175 online deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday chart.

Here are some Black Friday news and deal highlights.

  • Apple released a teaser about its Black Friday deals. So far all that is known for sure is that there will be free shipping and a discount on Apple products.
  • Matt Lauer talked to Tightwad Tod from Consumer Reports about how to get the most out of all the Black Friday deals. Tod wrote the Black Friday survival guide for 2009 that is full of great tips and advice.
  • vows to match or beat competitors Black Friday deals on its Black Friday site. Amazon is running deals all week long.
  • There are big discounts on clothes on Black Friday as well as electronics. Here are a couple examples: H&M is offering 25% off to early shoppers from 5am – 10am and Tommy Hilfiger is offering 40% off.
  • has a gaming deals roundup. They also ran a Black Friday deals segment highlighting some of their picks for the best deals. You can watch the video here.
  • Gizmodo shares advice about what not to buy on Black Friday and lists deals where retailers are getting beat on Black Friday prices by competitors. Gizmodo also has a long list of Black Friday deals broken into categories here.
  • Medl Mobile’s mall maps app is popular ahead of Black Friday. The $2.95 app contains maps to over 1,000 malls.
  • Best Buy announced today that it will bolster its Black Friday deals with a $197 HP laptop offer.
  • Nintendo announced two Nintendo DSi bundles for Black Friday. One of the bundles is for Mario fans and the other bundle is for fans of brain teasers.
  • Official circulars from major retailers like Best Buy (see here) and Walmart (see here) are now on the retailer’s websites. You can find links to more circulars from the retailer’s websites here. The Shop Local website may help you pull up more circulars.
  • Slate’s “Black Friday is for Suckers” article says you shold avoid buying ebook readers, netbooks and home theater cables on Black Friday.
  • The Christian Science Monitor examines Best Buy’s Black Friday sales to see which ones are worth it.
  • A website named Picture Black Friday wants your Black Friday photographs. There will probably be lots of video footage as well on the video sharing websites.
  • IGN combed through the Black Friday ads from Best Buy, GameStop, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart and listed some of the best deals from each retailer.
  • FBTB has rounded up all the Lego-related Black Friday deals.
  • A Black Friday 2009 Excel Spreadsheet is available for download. You can also view it online with Google Docs. It contains thousands of deals from dozens of retailers.
  • CNET highlights some of the more promising Black Friday laptop doorbuster deals.
  • The Budget Fashionista has a compiled a list of some of the best apparel related Black Friday in-store deals.
  • Get a wake up call from a supermodel: Cindy Crawford will wake you up early on Black Friday through a service provided by JCPenney.
  • CNET has picked its Top 15 Black Friday tech deals. 7 of the 15 deals are at Best Buy.
  • Dealnews has a guide here to some of the top deals in several electronics categories.
  • I Am The Trend has compiled a list of Black Friday t-shirt deals.
  • Old Navy is offering a free Lego Rockband videogame with a $20 purchase on Black Friday. There will be a limited supply so go early if you want this deal. Old Navy opens at 3 a.m.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that this year’s Black Friday tv discounts are less than last year’s deals but HD TVs had farther to fall last year.
  • A Best Buy circular unexpectedly wished everyone a happy Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Adha is a Muslim goat sacrificing festivity.
  • Kohl’s is selling the George Foreman Lean Mean Grill for $9.99 on Black Friday
  • CNET’s The Cheapskate lists five great Black Friday deals you shouldn’t miss, including the Acer Aspire One 10-inch Netbook for $149.99 at Office Max.
  • has some highlights from the Dell Black Friday ad – including nearly half off the Dell Inspiron.

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